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When creating an application, if it is a word processor, after opening the application, it may display an empty area in which the user can start typing. If the user is working on a spreadsheet, he or she may start typing numbers and performing calculations. In the same way, a user who is facing a graphics application would start drawing in it. The object that a user would be using is called a document. After working on a document for a while, there are some other automatic ideas that come in the mind of a user. One would lead to saving the document.

Another would consist of printing it. All these routine operations should be available to the user. This aspect of the application is taken care of by the person who creates the application. Not every application allows a user to save or to print its documents. If you want these operations to be possible, you must (explicitly) provide them.

Windows Common Dialog Boxes

To support the various operations of saving a document, opening an existing document, printing a document, setting up printing, etc, Microsoft Windows provides a series of standard dialog boxes that are available almost regardless of the programming environment you are using to develop your application. These common dialog boxes are stored in libraries (DLLs) that ship with the operating system but they may be provided in a raw format. For this reason, except if programming in Win32, the programming environment you use provides a customized and friendlier technique of adding these dialog boxes to your application. In the same way, the .NET Framework provides its own implementation of these ready-made dialog boxes in a manner that makes it easier to implement them.

To use a standard Windows dialog box, from the Toolbox, click the button that corresponds to the dialog box you want to add and click the form anywhere. The position of the control on the form has no importance because it is only a representative: it will not appear when the form is running. Once the desired dialogs icon is on the form, place a button on the form or create a menu item that will be used to call the dialog box.


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