This is the web site support for the C++ Fundamentals ebook.

This ebook is based on the latest C++ Standard. It starts with a general introduction to computers and smoothly transits into the language with soft and detailed explanations that don't assume any prior knowledge of computer programming from the user. Furthermore, this is one of the rare books that includes and details the process of creating a C++ project on the most popular compilers including KDevelop, Borland C++ Builder, Dev-C++, gcc, and Microsoft Visual C++.


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To follow the lessons on this ebook, you must have a C++ compiler installed on your computer.

Support Programs

The following programs are presented as text and not in downloaded format. This allows you to simply copy and paste them into your programming environment.

A class in a namespace
A class with various constructors: TBox 1
Another class with various constructors: Student 2
A class with a destructor
A class using an enumerator
An array of objects
A class instance declared as a pointer
A class declared using a pointer
Cleaners 1
Cleaners 2
Cleaners 3
Cleaners 4
Students 3
Self-returning a class

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